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My MDS Cycle is not assembled/ i am facing assembly issues?

All our cycles are shipped as 85% assembled. You have to assemble the rest after delivery. However MDS cycle provides toolkit to assemble the cycle. But still it is highly recommended to get some professional help while assembling the cycle as sometimes gear and disc brakes needs to be set, which case mechanic help is required. Moreover even if the rider has assembled the bike, it is recommended to get it tuned by a professional mechanic as nuts and bolts of the bike get loosened up due to the vibrations at the time of delivery.

I Ordered a bicycle from Amazon. Will MDS Cycles provide servicing / installation service at my home?

Currently we do not have any assembly service provider in any city. All our cycles are DIY(Do it Yourself). We do provide the assembly tools along with user manual. Customers can also check YouTube videos for more assistance but MDS Cycles won’t be providing any assembly service for any order bought from amazon or any other marketplaces. 

The plastic caps on the side of the bike are broken?

The large plastic caps are installed by the MDS team on both sides of the bike. However sometimes customer receive a broken plastic cap and get worried if some cycle important part is broken.

No need to worry in such cases as these caps are only a packaging part which are attached to protect the delivery box and cycle else the pointed axel will tear the delivery box . 

What if i get the bike repaired from outside in case of malfunction?

The warranty on the moving parts of the bike is for 30 days from the day of delivery. Since bicycle is a moving machine which runs on road and designed for rough use, sometimes the customer may face an issue with the bike within 30 days for the same reason we have part replacement warranty for all our bicycles.

In such cases the customer should immediately inform the MDS team regarding any malfunction before paying anything to a mechanic. If any kind of amount is paid to the mechanic without the consultation from MDS team, the company is not liable for any kind of reimbursements.

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