How cycling boosts our economy? | Pekka Tahkola | TEDxBratislava

In his eye-opening talk Pekka explains why cycling and walking are good for cities, well-being and local economy. As he argues, the time of car supremacy and pollution is over. Therefore, he provides the audience with solutions on how to return the city back to pedestrians and cyclists. Pekka, the Vice President of Winter Cycling Federation just loves nature, especially a proper winter. And bikes. Be it cause or consequence, he resides in the winter cycling capital of the world: Oulu, Northern Finland. Located almost at the Arctic Circle, the city enjoys long, snowy, harsh winters, which, even though you might think the opposite, when paired with good maintenance make winter cycling just a normal everyday activity in the city. Apart from bicycles, he has a huge interest in transportation history, vintage pianos, adventures of all sorts, and ice cream. Being capable of moving around by one’s own muscle power is what Pekka says is smart mobility. His main areas of expertise are about how walking and cycling can make our transport system work more efficiently, how they can improve our lives, health and economy, and all in all make our communities of better quality. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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